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P3 Solution (Pether Pro-Health Pharmaceutical Solution)

Pether Pro-Health Pharmaceutical Solution (P3 Solution) is a leading medical software application in developing countries. This is in line with our global strategy of providing unique, innovative medical software services in developing countries.


The ideas behind came from pharmacists in the developing countries and the conception and realization was by highly experienced software professionals. They know all the medical & software development terms and can drive the software in minute details as per the needs of the organization.

The company also hired consultants from other fields while designing the software.


The P3 Solution suite is a powerful pharmaceutical software solution designed for pharmacies. The main purpose of this system is to automate inventory management which improve on the accuracy and efficiency in sale of medication. This helps streamline your business processes while improving service to your customers.


Automation of services improves efficiency, reduces cost and increases client satisfaction. All this culminates in our objective to provide you with a system that will help you increase sales by at least 10% and net earnings by about 15 to 20%.


Point of Sale Designed for Pharmacy

p3 solution

For a Pharmacy, point of sale software needs to be more than cash drawer management for your front-end. For your patients, it should enable your staff to provide better service. For you, it should result in better accountability and improved pharmacy management with increase in profitability. These are values that not just any point-of-sale can deliver. This is not simply an add-on to your pharmacy system, but a fully integrated solution that works hand in hand with our pharmacy management software.

Modern Payment Processing

P3 Solution point of sale is ready for today’s complex payment processing. P3 Solution enables your pharmacy to accept Debit cards, Mobile Money, Orange Money, Insurance coverage in addition to cash.

Front End Inventory Management

Finally get control on your front end inventory. Manage inventory, place electronic orders with wholesalers, and print shelf barcodes.

Automatically create purchase orders with recommended quantities when current inventory falls below pre-set minimum levels. Create your own custom purchase orders or create a purchase order based on sales in a specific date range.

The advanced inventory control features help reduce your out-of-stock and overstocked inventory to efficiently meet your prescription demand. With P3 Solution, checking your inventory can be as simple as clicking a button.

Text/Email Notifications

The text message and email feature allows you to notify your patients when their prescription is ready to be picked up, automatically text and email your patients refill reminders, prescription ready alerts, and prescription waiting messages. Improve your pharmacy’s customer service automatically.

Intuitive User Interface

How long does it take to teach new employees how to operate your existing pharmacy software? Pharmacies using P3 Solution have found that new employees can often begin filling scripts immediately, with little to no training. It’s just that simple. A well-designed pharmacy system should make your employees more productive and happier. When you do need help, it’s only a phone call or mouse click away.

Build your clientele: Create Patient from Identity Card, Driver's License or Insurance Card.

P3 Solution will now make it easier than ever to add new patients or create your own clientele repertoire. Quickly and easily add patients into the pharmacy system by just a scan of their ID, driver’s license or Insurance Card.

The Next Generation in Pharmacy Management

Designed with the busy pharmacist in mind, P3 Solution helps you solve your pharmacy’s biggest challenges. It requires fewer steps and keystrokes than typical pharmacy management systems, and some pharmacists were able to easily fill prescriptions prior to training. P3 Solution allows you to switch between functions quickly and easily without having to start over on a task. Built-in smart-search technology allows for keyword or partial-information searches for prescriber, patient, medication and more.


Prescription Processing

Grants you access to prescription processing tasks from a single location. Adding patients and doctors, transmitting online claims.

P3 Solution breaks down the prescription filling process to maximize available resources and improve efficiency and productivity.

The dispensing process includes order entry, pharmacist verification, labeling/packaging, quality assurance, and delivery with bar code checking.

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivable is built in and easy to understand. Processing is quick and statements can be extensively customized for your pharmacy.

Easily process statements, trial balances and departmental reports with electronic claims reconciliation. View patient and insurance carrier balances, send statements and print detailed accounts receivable aging reports.

Flexible Pricing

Unlimited pricing strategies based on payment plan, formula in pricing tables, drug, quantity, level, category, group or form. For example, you can choose to price cash sales differently from insurance payments.

Pharmacy Task Management

Schedule one time or reoccurring tasks for yourself or staff. Keep your pharmacy organized and provide better follow up to your patients.

Extensive Reporting & Complete Analysis

Get a wide range of reports and analysis tools. Several reports are available in each of the following areas, patient, clinic/hospital, drug, doctor, Insurance claims, price, sales, refills due, and delivery. In addition to these reports and several others, the system provides a detailed daily prescription processing log.

P3 Solution comes preloaded with helpful and relevant reports. More importantly is our flexible report designer that lets you easily create reports for your pharmacy’s needs. Reports can be viewed online, or saved as PDF or Excel files.

Flexible Data view

P3 Solution’s Data view lets you drill down on your data. Sort, group, and filter to quickly find the answers to questions about your business.

User & Security Management

Centrally manage your users and security privileges. Add new users to your organization and assign security roles for specific users. Single sign-on allows your employees to use the same username and login at each store where they are authorized.


Improves Patients’ Health and Medication Regimens

Oftentimes, patients have multiple maintenance medications that are filled at varying times throughout the month. With hectic work schedules and busy daily lives, it can become challenging for patients to remember to fill and/or actually take these vital medications. A 2013 study shows that 28% of patients had missed three or more doses of their prescription medications during a particular month. This alarming percentage could be significantly lowered with P3 Solution’s reminder messaging system. This proactive approach encourages patients to adhere to a more organized medication routine, resulting in happier, healthier customers.

Enhances Patient-Pharmacist Relationships

P3 Solution allows for the development of a more personal connection between you and your patients. It allows you to extend this intimate atmosphere to patients through in-person interactions and phone conversations. Pharmacists set designated times to call enrolled patients in order to detect updates in medication usage. According to a recent study, 18% of patients polled admitted that they have stopped taking a prescription medication without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. Monthly one-on-one calls to your patients serve as preemptive compliance reminders and prevent them from the dangers of discontinuing their medications.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers will provide word-of-mouth advertisement about the high levels of satisfaction and comfort they found at your pharmacy. Presently, patients with numerous prescriptions have to make multiple, unnecessary trips to the pharmacy throughout the month to pick up those medications. You have ways to identify which patients would benefit most from this program. Prescriptions for those qualifying patients are filled simultaneously and then scheduled for pick-up on one, predetermined date.

Strengthens Your Pharmacy’s Revenue Streams

Our messaging system will significantly benefit your pharmacy by saving time and generating additional income.  This program increases your yearly number of prescriptions, thereby increasing your yearly profit. If your pharmacy also offers a delivery service, drivers can condense monthly mileage by avoiding repetitive, unnecessary trips to the same residence. Our messaging system produces higher efficiency, yielding higher productivity. If time truly equals money, make every minute count with P3 Solution’s messaging system.


  • Dedicated development team
  • After sales support
  • Dedicated team for each and every customer
  • User friendly software with help on each topic
  • All future releases of software available to clients
  • All software are client server, 3-tier, web technology based (internet based)
  • Continual improvement in products and services
  • Latest development on interfacing, bi-directional connectivity with instruments
  • All software are developed using international standards like HL7, HIPAA, ICD-10, DICOM standards
  • Up to date with latest IT Technologies
  • International Quality Software