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PIMS (Pether Inventory Management Solution)

PIMS is a web based cost-effective inventory management system for all types and sizes of businesses. It is a one stop inventory management solution with a functionality to manage trading inventory (both hard and wet stock for sale) and non-trading inventory (permanent assets) and a fully embedded point of sale.

This system will help you improve efficiency, reduce cost and increase client satisfaction. With it, sales will increase by at least 20% and net earnings by 20 to 25%. This is possible thanks to PIMS enhanced features for:

  • Cost Management: Accurately track and report costs by accounting for specific detailed costs from purchasing through shipment to eventual sale.
  • Inventory Visibility: Gain real-time visibility into key inventory trends, on-time delivery metrics, shipping costs and more. It will connect to any online sales platform thus facilitating remote sales. Clients can now place orders remotely and pick up goods from the designated store or get the stock delivered at agreed locations.
  • Inventory Control & Monitoring: Easy stock tracking to eliminate theft and losses. Control inventory replenishment with capabilities to minimize excess stock and fulfill orders on time. This helps in optimizing cash flow by rightsizing spending.
  • Strategic planning: Facilitate stock related decision making through its efficient reports.


  • Automated process from inventory purchase to sales and collection.
  • A barcode number is manually attributed to all goods at the time the goods arrive the warehouse. This code is a unique identifier from the time the stock arrives the warehouse till it is sold.
  • For stock to be transferred from one location to another, the warehouse personnel will have to release the transfer order before it is physically displaced.
  • The receiving warehouse will also need to accept the order in the system before the goods enter the new warehouse. The objective here is to ensure the system is effectively synchronized with the physical movement of stock.
  • Any sale will be through the bar code. Once a sale is made, the good is removed from the system and the cash collected via a point of sale.
  • The inventory system can easily be integrated with a fully embedded website or third party sales platform which facilitates online sales. This significantly increases visibility of available stock online.   
  • Wet stock (fuel, grains) management capability: With an electronic equipment connected to your tank, you can keep track of exact levels in your tanks at any time. See if levels are increasing or decreasing and get alarms whenever certain thresholds are reached. Streamline your service operations by refilling/emptying only when needed. This comes with an oline functionalities:
    • Alarm Management: Immediately detect if certain levels are reached. Direct alarms to service personnel via SMS or email.
    • Monitor levels: Access to tank levels 24/7.
    • Fleet management: Manage movable tanks with in-built GPS functionality. Create secure zones using geo-fencing to prevent theft.
    • Get reports and statistics: Compare flows over time and get PDF reports on the periods of your choice.


Facilitate Online Sales

PIMS will easily integrate with any online sales platform and this integration should enable your business:

  • Reach a global audience, thereby increasing sales opportunities.
  • Have an edge over competition as your products and online store will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Easily receive payments emanating from online transactions.
  • Attract customers who would normally not have the time to go out to an outlet.
  • Improve your offerings using the data gathered by tracking customer purchases.
  • Use your online shop as a catalogue for existing customers.
  • Stock tracking & visibility: Know where your goods are in real time and have all the data needed for a comprehensive audit trail. Security: Increase in security as stock movement is now controlled centrally and is real time.

Key benefits of the wet stock management system

  • Access to exact tank levels at any time
  • Historical reports of the consumption over time
  • Estimations of when it’s time to refill
  • Alarms when certain thresholds are reached or if the content levels drop too fast
  • Set alarms on several thresholds and send via e-mail, RSS feeds, SMS or to our online system.